Parish Priests are required to submit an application form seeking the approval of the Patron for all capital building projects in parish primary schools.

April 2008

The approval of the Patron is required for all capital building projects (replacement, extension, other work schemes).

School Building – Parish as client

In all school capital building projects (in schools under the patronage of Bishop of Kildare & Leighlin) it is essential that all parties understand that the client in terms of the Department of Education and Science (DES) is the Parish  not the Board of Management.

It is the Parish  as landowner and de facto school trustee – that bears ultimate responsibility for whatever local contribution may be required along with the main DES funding to complete the renovation or new building. Thus, school planning (and funding) proposals must be routed through the Parish.

Capital Building Projects  Parish application

It is now diocesan policy that for all capital building projects in our Parish schools that the Parish Priest should seek approval from the Bishop before any contracts are signed.

Click here for appropriate application form.

The school Board of Management will need to be closely involved in the planning process and liaise with the Parish Priest in regard to making the application to the Bishop. The BOM should be made fully aware of the finalised submission and the Bishops subsequent decision.

Financial Planning

The form is particularly designed to identify what is the total local contribution within the overall project. The local contribution for the approved work is usually capped at 32,000 for an extension and 63,000 for a new school. Any cost over and above those figures must be clearly identified. In the devolved grant schemes, the local contribution can vary greatly and must likewise be clearly identified.

It is important that parishes/schools do not over-commit resources without a clear financial plan.

N.B. Should a later tender price or alteration in the project mean that the required local contribution would exceed the figure submitted to the Patron, the application should be re-submitted – again before any contracts are signed – so that the full and final cost is approved.