The purpose of the “Information Sessions” is to create an awareness of Safeguarding at parish level which includes the practicalities of safeguarding at parish level and guidance on best practice if approached with a safeguarding concern. Recruitment will also be covered.

Who should attend

All Church volunteers who work with children, young people and vulnerable adults which includes Sacristans; Choir leaders; all Group leaders working with children; Ministers of the Eucharist who visit homes, hospitals/nursing homes on behalf of the church; individuals or groups who visit vulnerable adults. Those whose responsibility it is to oversee the proper recruitment process at parish level should also attend.

As safeguarding should be on the agenda of Parish Council meetings, it would be a worthwhile exercise for a member of the Parish Council attend.


Dates – Diocesan Information Sessions 2014

For More Information

Diocesan Safeguarding Co-ordinator

Mr. David Dwyer
c/o Bishop’s House, Carlow
Email: safeguarding@kandle.ie
Tel: 059-9176725