Our diocese now has 32 people working as Sacramental Coordinators in 26 parishes. A meeting for all coordinators will take place on 10th June in Mt St Anne’s Retreat Centre.

Meeting on 10th June 2010

There are now 32 people working as Sacramental Coordinators in twenty six parishes in the diocese. (See below a draft description of the work of a Sacramental Coordinator).

At our initial meeting in October 2009 it was suggested that we would gather again in June to review the year and begin to plan for next year. This meeting will happen in Mt. St. Anne’s Retreat Centre on Thursday, June 10. We will begin at 8.p.m. and conclude by 10:00p.m at the latest, allowing time for tea, coffee and conversation.

The meeting will look at reviewing the work of the past year; including the process of preparation and programme implementation in parishes, training of leaders, the role as Sacramental Coordinator; expectations and reality and how we see it developing in the future. It is also hoped to ascertain needs for further training and formation.

There is an open invitation to anyone interested in being part of the ongoing discussion as to how best develop and shape this role into the future to attend this meeting. Those intending to appoint Sacramental Coordinators for the coming year will also be very welcome.

Please indicate your intention to the meeting by e-mailing Maeve at maeve.mahon@kandle.ie or calling Christine at 059 91649084 on or before Friday, June 4th.

Appointing a Sacramental Coordinator in the parish

One of the major learnings from the initial use of the new Confirmation programme, You Shall Be My Witnesses, was the need for someone to take responsibility for coordinating it in the parish.

It does require quite a bit of organisation and many parishes found that they needed someone other than the priest to take on this work. In order to facilitate this we ask parishes to consider appointing a Sacramental Coordinator. This might be someone from a previous years parent volunteers who will have the added advantage of being familiar with the programme or it may be a parish pastoral worker, parish team member, parish council member or anyone else of your choosing. It may be a good idea to have one overall coordinator who can then appoint a liaison person for each school using the programme within the parish.

Some of the tasks of the Sacramental Coordinator might include:

  • Liaise with school and parish to ascertain number of children who are preparing for Confirmation
  • Ensure that the material for programme is ordered from FDS office
  • Organise an information night for parents. Where possible they will also facilitate this meeting using the available material.
  • Ensure that the Child Protection Policy of the diocese as laid out in the programme is followed
  • Organise the parent volunteers to attend a diocesan training session
  • Meet with parent volunteers following training to review the material and organise the programme in the parish
  • Liaise with priest/parish team members and teachers to keep them informed of the programme and obtain their help and support when necessary.
  • Maintain contact with individual school liaison people and or parent volunteers for the duration of the programme
  • Encourage parental involvement and support for the programme particularly the prayer element