As part of the visit of the Congress Bell to K&L Diocese, RTE will broadcast live from Tullow Parish on Sunday 2nd October at 11am. (note time change) Watch video from RTE player.

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Sunday 2nd October


11am (updated)

Congress Bell in K&L

Click to download detailed Timetable of the visit to parishes in the diocese

The Eucharistic Congress Bell will be in the diocese from September 29th until October 8th. It will arrive by boat on the river Barrow to Carlow, from where it will be brought to the Cathedral before journeying across the diocese.

The visit of the bell is a call to the congress itself next Summer and an invitation to all of us to prepare for this important event in our history. The bell was chosen for Ireland as a call to congress because of its historical significance. In the very early days of Christianity in Ireland the bell was seen as one of the principal symbols of this new Christian religion. It was a new sound ringing out from our monasteries,churches and chapels, calling people to prayer and announcing the presence of faith. It was the custom of St. Patrick to give a hand-bell to one of his followers whenever he was left in charge of a local Church.

Come along to a location near you and get to be part of this unique occasion – you might even get to ring the bell!