Download a resource that offers teachers suggestions for readings, music and reflections for Masses to mark the beginning of the school year.


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Teacher’s resource – This contains some points to consider before you begin, suggestions for readings, music and reflections. It is simply a resource which we hope will be useful for teachers at this very busy time of the year and which can be adapted to suit local needs.

The New Missal: The new Mass responses and prayers will begin to be introduced during the weekend of September 10/11. Many school Masses will take place after this date and so we are also providing a Mass leaflet (see above) with the new responses and prayers. This can be downloaded and photocopied for use at these Masses.

New School Year

The new school year offers the opportunity to celebrate beginning again.

This celebration can take different forms, Mass, an assembly or prayer service. Often, the decision as which kind of celebration is planned is determined by the size of the school, available space or indeed proximity to the church.

What is important is that the celebration happens; that we take the opportunity to gather and pray God’s blessing on all who belong to our school community and on all that we will do in the coming year.

The Alive-O programme offers many prayer services to celebrate this time. You might like to consider some of the following:

Alive-O Page 49-50, ( this takes place in week 7 and there is an option to invite the parents to participate),

Alive-O2 Page 3 ( this could also be adapted to include Junior Infants for a joint Prayer Service)

Alive-O3 page 5;

Alive-O4 pages 32. 33, 35, or 36;

Alive-O5 page 5;

Alive-O6 page 9;

Alive-O7 page 3-4;

Alive-O 8 page 18-19 (this can be adapted to become a Beginning of the School Year Prayer Service).