Episode – Using Good judgement 1/3

Throughout our lives, we have to make a whole lot of decisions. What is best is not always immediately clear. We are told to use “good” judgment in deciding what to do. How does our judgment become “good?” Is good judgment shaped by the guidance of family and friends, a well-formed conscience, and prayer? How do you decide?

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Faith based programme for Teenagers

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Realfaith TV, now in it’s tenth season, is the two-time Gabriel Award winning, faith-based program for teenagers. Our goal is to reach out to teens who are looking for answers to mnay of the issues we face in today’s world, and help them deal with those issues through a Catholic faith perspective.

Our hope is that we will help strengthen, deepen, and inform the faith of catholic and Christian teens. We hope to connect them with each other and the Church, and to help them become more committed disciples of Jesus Christ. We a lso strive to reach out to teens with the Good News of Jesus Christ and to those who do not yet have a relationship with him.

We are primarily made up of a team of youth and adults from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Trenton.

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