Once again 45,000 Christmas gifts will be freely available from all churches in our diocese as we begin the Advent season. View gifts and prayers and read Bishop Moriarty’s message.



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Christmas Card 2009

Fridge Magnet image

Christmas gift

Once again the diocese is making 45,000 Christmas gifts freely available from all its Churches this Advent season.

People are invited to bring a gift envelope home with them along with one or two more that they undertake to deliver as a Christmas greeting to someone who may not attend regularly.

This year our gift envelope contains a fridge magnet with a Bible quote (see above) and a Christmas card which features a message from Bishop Moriarty and a prayer for families to pray together before their Christmas meal (see below).

The Christmas gift envelopes will be distributed at the Liturgy of Hope on 3rd December in Masses in the diocese on the weekend of 6 and 7 December.

All the content of this years Christmas gift has been sourced within the diocese, supporting the local economy in difficult times.

Message from Bishop Moriarty

Christmas Hope 2009

Dear Friends,

Christmas 2009 comes to us in tough times. As this economic winter bites people are worried about money, jobs, the roof over their heads, and the future of their families. In days gone by, the feast of Christmas provided a welcome break from the dull depths of winter. This year, in these most difficult of times, it is important that we take a break to celebrate and give thanks for all that we have and for those who are dear to us.

On this holiest of days as we celebrate the birth of the Christ child let us look into the eyes of the ones we love and remember what is most precious in our lives our families, our friends and our community. May we have courage to recognise and celebrate all of these gifts from God as signs of hope and light.

Let us take the time on this blessed day and throughout the Christmas season to lift our hearts and celebrate with the Holy Family the gift of the Christ Child. May we all be blessed with the light and joy that are his gifts to us at this time and throughout the year.

Jim Moriarty
Bishop of Kildare & Leighlin

Table Prayer

Loving God, on this Christmas day we give thanks that Jesus, your Son, has come into our world bringing us gifts of peace and joy. Bless us as we sit down together at this table for our Christmas meal. Bless the food we share, and help us to remember those who are hungry. Be with our neighbours and our friends, all who are lonely, sick or away from home. We pray that our departed loved ones may now sit at your table in heaven. May the joy of this feast give us strength and light, now and in the days ahead. Amen.

REACH OUT campaign

The Reach Out initiative began in the diocese of Kildare and Leighlin in November 2004.

The priorities for the campaign were based on the results of a consultation carried out in all parishes in the diocese. This consultation revealed that people wanted the diocese to be pro-active, especially in reaching out to young people, newcomers and to those who do not regularly attend church services.

Each year 45,000 gifts have been distributed from our churches to homes across the diocese and beyond.