A new book to help parents prepare their children approach the sacrament of Confirmation.

For parents, the day of Confirmation is the culmination of what was begun the day they brought their child to the church to be baptised. There is the opportunity to renew the commitment that parents made at the baptism of their children, and become interested in the work being done, the preparation being undertaken, and the possibility and potential for grace in the lives of so many people being realised. This book is offered to parents as an aid to help them engage with the preparation that is being undertaken in school and parish.

In ‘Promises to Keep’ John-Paul Sheridan begins with a general introduction to Alive-O – the primary school religious education programme – and the specific programmes (Alive-O 7 and 8) that are taught in the 5th and 6th classes. A chapter follows on the Holy Spirit. He then explains the historical and theological background of sacrament in general, and of the sacrament of Confirmation and discusses the various component parts of the celebration of the sacrament. He also offers some other perspectives and insights into the preparation and celebration of the sacrament of Confirmation relating to the child or adolescent about to be confirmed.