There is now an agreed standard Application Form for Primary Principalship. Also available as Gaelige

Agreement has been reached between INTO, CPSMA/CIBE and DES in relation to a standard Application Form for Primary Principalship. Schools may use this form as an alternative to seeking a Curriculum Vitae. This is the Official Form now to be used from May 14th 2008.

Application Form

Click here to download the application form

Click on link to download application form as Gaelige – Foirm Iarratais do Phr�omhoideacht

Some schools have been using an alternative form, which was not agreed with the Management Authorities of primary schools and which requires information which INTO/ Management do not consider appropriate.

Schools are advised to use the agreed form.


In advertising for Principalship Posts the advert should state

Applications on Official Application Form (available on CPSMA or INTO website)

The form is available to download from the INTO and CPSMA websites, and can also be uploaded to a web-based advertisement for a post.