Religious Education Update Sept 2012


September 2012

As the new term begins I would like to offer a word of welcome to members of staff in all the schools in our diocese. I pray that God’s blessing and love will be experienced in all school communities during the coming year.

I would like to extend a special word of welcome to all new principals and staff members who have been appointed over the summer months and wish you well as you begin your work. All contact details for diocesan offices are contained in this Newsletter and I hope that you will not hesitate to get in touch if I or any other member of staff can be of any service to you.

One of the ways in which I try to communicate with schools is to send a Newsletter, Religious Education Update, each term. Its main purpose is to give information about

  • the services offered by the diocesan offices
  • upcoming events at diocesan and national level

It also offers some ideas for RE classes and liturgical celebrations. All of these resources can be found on the diocesan website:

I hope that staff find the Newsletters useful and would love to hear feedback or receive suggestions for content or information at any time during the year.

Guím rath Dé ar an obair

Maeve Mahon

Statistic Form 2012

Statistics Form 2012

Enclosed with this Newsletter you will find the Annual Statistic Form which you are asked to fill in and return to the office as soon as possible. The final date for receipt of these forms is Friday, October 19 and it would be greatly appreciated if you could have the form completed and back in the office on or before that date. The data contained on these forms is essential in keeping information in the diocesan database up to date and helps us to do our work more efficiently.

On-going Professional Development

On-Going Professional Development poster

Catholic Education continues to be to the fore of public discourse and the process to date has made it very clear that all those involved in this area need to be aware of the issues and be prepared to articulate them in the public arena. It is important that staffs in Catholic Schools take time to consider the issues concerned and also to allow space to focus on areas such as ethos, mission, Religious Education Policies and faith development.

In order to help staffs address some of these issued our Catholic Schools are asked to allocate some of the 36 hours of non-contact time (Circular 0008/) to Religious Education.

The continuing professional development of teachers is obviously as necessary in Religious Education as in any subject area of the curriculum. Input can be offered in any of the following areas and the amount of time needed can be agreed individually with every school or cluster of schools.