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Primary RE Newsletter November 2011

Keeping Christ in Christmas

Advent is a gift to those of us who believe that Christmas must be about more than giving and receiving presents, eating and drinking more than we need or running around in ever decreasing circles as we get closer to Christmas Day. The season of Advent is a gift of time when time is so precious, time to stop, time to reflect, and time to remember that we are really preparing to welcome the Christ child into our world again.

The invitation of Advent is to leave the hustle and bustle of preparations behind each day and to consider for a moment what Christmas is really about. This holy season offers us the time to revisit our understanding of the real gift of Christmas, the gift of a child who has the power to change the world, to be the light in the darkness and to offer hope when it is most needed.

The days of Advent are often dark days. There is an absence of light. It can be no accident that we celebrate the birth of the light of the world as the days are at their darkest and the light is at its lowest. We are invited to wait in joyful hope because in these darkest days of the year the promise of Advent is that the light is already among us. Advent is about that certainty, that absolute knowing that even when times are difficult,

when it seems that there is no way of making things right, when it feels that darkness might overwhelm us; that we have something that will dispel the darkness. We have the light that is God’s gift to each one of us. Advent is about recognising and acknowledging that light, not just in ourselves but in one another. The gift of this season is that there is always an Advent time, there is always an opportunity to take stock, to change, to begin again in the light of the love God made flesh in the child born in Bethlehem.

This light has the potential to dispel the darkness of our world. It can heal our brokenness, bring peace to the war-ravaged countries, transform the lives of those who have not enough to eat and reform our troubled and fractured church. The challenge for us is to ask ourselves if we have the courage to accept the gift of light that is offered to us in Christ Jesus.

May the blessings of the Christ child be with you and yours this Christmas time.