Priesthood Sunday, September 28th, 2008, is a special day set aside to honour and promote priesthood.

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Priesthood is the focus for the Year of Vocation during the month of September. While this is obviously a theme that is being giving a lot of attention throughout the Year of Vocation, September is the month when we invite parishes around the country to celebrate priesthood.

Priesthood Sunday – is an opportunity to highlight and promote particularly, the vocation to the priesthood. It is a day to reflect upon and affirm the role of the priest in the life of the Church.

With Priesthood Sunday, we have an opportunity to highlight the fact that God is calling men to become priests, and that those answering this call can be happy, content, and fulfilled, as they make a meaningful contribution to modern society.

The Church in Australia and America has been celebrating Priesthood Sunday for many years. While we are ‘borrowing’ from their leadership in some ways, we also want to adopt this idea for use here in Ireland.

What happens on Priesthood Sunday?

The people of all parishes in the country develop their own special way of marking the day and honouring their priests both at Mass and other parish events, such as social celebrations and school activities.

Priesthood Sunday is designed to be an event led by the laity, but you can ask your priest to participate by talking about how he experienced and answered his own calling and about priests who have inspired him.

Priesthood Sunday offers an opportunity for priests and their parishioners to build a stronger working relationship. Together, they can dialogue to take an honest look at the challenges of the future and how they can collaborate to meet those challenges as a united force.

It is also a time to promote vocations to the priesthood within the parish, inviting men of all ages, who are free to do so, to consider this call.

Where did the idea come from?

It was initially proposed as part of the Year of Vocation’ but it became clear very quickly that other churches have done similar events, and so we thank the USA Council of Serra International for their assistance in allowing us to use resource materials which they have developed for this initiative.

Serra International is an organization of lay men and women whose mission is to foster and affirm vocations to the ministerial priesthood and vowed religious life.

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What is the Year of Vocation?

The aim of the Year of Vocation is to raise awareness of the common vocation that we all share through baptism, as expressed through witness, love and service. Within each of these themes and throughout 2008?2009 the specific vocations of marriage, the religious life, the single life and priesthood will be highlighted and promoted.

Whatever we do, wherever we are – whether we are single or married, young or older, priest or religious, men or women – the Year of Vocation will have something to say to all of us in our following of Jesus Christ. It will also be a Year’ when everyone can deepen their appreciation and understanding of belonging to the Church.

The Year of Vocation gives us all a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the beauty and meaning of our Christian calling.

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Interested in Priesthood?

If you are interested in learning more about priesthood, please feel free to contact our Vocations director

Rev. Ruairi ODomhnaill

Newbridge, Co. Kildare
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