As students, at all levels, prepare to take exams over the coming weeks, here are some prayers to help students cope with exam stress.

Prayers for Students Taking Exams

Loving God
be with me now,
as I prepare for my exams.
Thank you for the many talents and gifts you have
given me and for the opportunity of education.
Calm my nerves and anxiety, help me
to remember all that I have studied,
to express it clearly and to answer the questions
the very best that I can.
Holy Spirit, sit with me in my exam
– and always.
In Jesus’ name


Gracious God, some of us are anxious, worried, or tense about exams;
we ask you for your gifts of peace and calm during this time.
Help us to do our best so that we can reap the rewards of our study.
Help us also to be true friends and a support to others.
We give you the gift of our work so that we can use our talents now and in future in your service.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.