An invitation to all parents and grandchildren to write a prayer for their grandparents.

These prayers may be included in special books and publications of prayers. If you do not wish your prayers to be included please specify.

Public Prayer Requests for Grandparents: From when we were very young our Grandparents have watched over us and showered us with love. They have laughed with us, cried with us, and prayed with us.

Can we ever thank them enough?

One way of thanking your Grandparents is to write a Prayer for them, even if they have passed on. Email us your Prayer. Get help from your family & friends – and even from your Grandparents.

Email your prayer to

Your Prayer could invoke Jesus and His Grandparents Joachim and Anne. And you might want to thank God and ask Him for forgiveness, and maybe ask Him for a blessing for your Grandparents.