Portlaoise Parish Church re-opens on Sunday 9th November after undergoing a major renovation. Mass of rededication takes place at 1pm which can be seen live on the internet.

Sunday 9th November at 1pm

Bishop Moriarty will be the chief celebrant at the the service of rededication on Sunday 9th December at 1pm.

Internet users will be able to view the rededication of Portlaoise Parish Church live at www.churchservices.tv/live/portlaoise

Portlaoise is one of a growing number of churches around the country which have installed a special camera system that allows live streaming of all their services.

We hope to feature a full gallery and some video of the renovation and the finished interior next week. For now people recall the interior as it was from the following images

Message from Parish Priest

On the 4th July 1965 our Parish Church was dedicated by Mgr. James Conway, V.G. It was the culmination of 24 years of fundraising and planning under the leadership of Fr. Tom Browne P.P. To build the biggest Church in the Diocese (and one of the biggest in the country) was a huge undertaking for Portlaoise Parish at that time.

From its beginnings the Church of St. Peter & Paul,Portlaoise, is a story of effort, endeavour and generosity from so many. We owe a debt of gratitude to those who made it happen. Many are gone to their eternal reward – may they rest in peace. Thankfully there are also many still among us worshipping in the Church they helped to build and some of them present today at its rededication.

We are blessed to still have in our Parish a great and supportive community, and so we could undertake the task of renewing St. Peter and Paul’s with the same faith and hope that inspired previous generations. My gratitude to you all and to those who planned and carried out the work. I do hope the result pleases you and will help us all to worship in Spirit and in Truth’.

In the words of the Prayer of Dedication used today May this building which we dedicate to Your service be a house of salvation and grace where Christians gathered in fellowship may worship you in spirit and truth and grow together in love’.

Fr John Byrne PP