In this video the Bishop of Lourdes shares his perspective and feelings on Pope Benedict’s recent visit to the famous Marian shrine.

Benedict XVI came to Lourdes this weekend, the second most visited Catholic site after Rome, greeted by thousands of faithful and pilgrims. Holy Mass, a vigil and an Eucharistic procession were the highlights of the visit ,where young and the sick have had center stage. The Bishop of Tarbes-Lourdes Bishop Jacques Perrier, shares his perspective and feelings on the event..

A great gift for the French but also for pilgrims from around the world .. Bishop Perrier reaffirms the international dimension of Our Lady of Lourdes:

At the heart of the mission of Marian shrines lies the youth. So many came to witness the visit of the Pope. Bishop Perrier remarks on the Holy Father’s appeal to the young.

“I think there will be at least two great memories. The first is the path of the Jubilee.. and the second memory for everyone will be the profound recollection of the Eucharist this morning. This man transmits such interiority, peace, depth, to all around him, and it won the assembly. .. I think it will be a great memory.

“I can not say it surprised me so much, since I had already met him two or three times in working groups. So I knew well that he was not at all like the caricature that some thought. ”

“I do not know if the role of Our Lady of Lourdes is so much more important in France than in other countries. It was often said for example that the greatest Marian shrine for Italians was Lourdes, more than Loretto. So the dissemination of Lourdes is European, it is even global .. ”

“I think the dimension of the youth has been mentioned in the Pope’s homily, there was quite a long passage devoted specifically to young people. It is not possible anymore that he would not speak of the presence of young people when they are such a part of his travels. They are always present now when the Holy Father travels. They are always there at the Wednesday audiences. Now it will be interesting to see what impacted them. And this is a way to get a sense of things.”