Pope Benedict XVI today appealed to world leaders to have the courage of their convictions to help the impoverished nations of the world…

This podcast made available from Vatican Radio

Pope Benedict opened his Angelus this Sunday by drawing peoples memories back to the 19th of April 2005, the day of his election to St Peter’s Chair, when he presented himself to a crowded St peter’s square as a ?humble worker in the vineyard of the Lord’.

Reflecting on that very parable presented in this Sunday’s Gospel the Pope went on to trace the lesson it contains; what it means to really work for the common good, that those who consider themselves first among men may finish last, that the least, most humble of God’s creatures will be first in the Kingdom of Heaven and most importantly those who only work for earthly reward will never know the value of this priceless treasure.

In was an incisive introduction to the two appeals the