Bishop Denis Nulty has announced the top six poems and wishes to express his sincere thanks to all who entered.  With over 1,000 entries for the Ploughing Competition it was a great response.  The top six poems will be put on display in the Kildare & Leighlin tent (R 26 – 444) at the Ploughing Championships and visitors will have the chance to vote for their favourite.  Poems will be read daily at various times during each day.

The peoples’choice of  ‘Poem for the Ploughing’will be announced at 2.30pm on the final day of the championships.

Our Top Six Poems

The Prize

Everyone who submits a poem will be entered into a draw for €250 worth of product from BLF Nutrition Ltd.

A draw for €250 worth of product from BLF Nutrition Ltd. will be held for those who nominate the winning poem.

Our Stand

Stand Row 26 – 444

The theme for this year is

‘Love Tenderly and Walk Humbly with your God.’

This year Kildare & Leighlin Diocese will be joined in our stand by Accord and Vocations Ireland.

Music, Prayer and Gifts

There will be music from Fr. Liam Lawton, Portlaoise Prison Officers Choir, Laois ICA Choir – directed by Nuala Kelly, and Comhaltas.  A great line up of music that is guaranteed to delight!

At 12noon each day will be a chance for you to join us in prayer.

Visitors to the stand will be invited to take a moment to write a prayer intention for our Prayer Wall, spend time in our Sacred Space, learn how to make a St Brigid’s Cross, find out a little about the diocese and give their tired feet a well earned rest in our hospitality area. There will also be a cuppa for those in need!

Blessed Salt

It is traditional at the Ploughing to have gifts to distribute to those who visit. We will be offering a gift of salt blessed by Bishop Denis. This blessed salt can then be spread on the land, used in the feed of animals, around the house and in many other situations to invoke God’s blessing and protection. The use of blessed salt is a part of our Catholic tradition that has been a little neglected and we are delighted to re-introduce it to our farming and parish communities.

The salt will be blessed by Bishop Nulty on Friday 18th September in Carlow Cathedral at 10am Mass.

Special Guest

On the first day of the Ploughing, we will be joined by Archbishop Charles Brown, Papal Nuncio at 3pm