Get details of the Pioneer Youth Activity Weekend (12-17 yrs olds) in Gormanstown College from 2nd-4th July 2010. Application form available for download.

Pioneer Youth Weekend 2nd-4th July 2010

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Gormanston College, Co. Meath is the venue for the 2010 Pioneer Youth Activity Weekend and the original home of the Pioneer Weekend.

Returning here for the sixth summer, this superb college offers the best in sporting and conference facilities.

Thanks to an organising committee with a wealth of experience and expertise in youth activities, this weekend is a must-attend for all 12-17 yr Young Pioneers.

The Cost of the weekend is 100 all inclusive food, board, activities etc.


  • Group Work and Activities
  • Sport and Outdoor Challenges
  • Swimming Pool & Gymnasium
  • Rose Competition, Discos & Surprise Entertainment
  • Jam-Packed with Fun Activities, Creative Group
  • Projects, Sports and Entertainment


Peter Fagan
Riverdale, Raharney, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath
Phone: 044 9374653

The Activity Weekend is an Official Activity of the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association, organised on behalf of the National Youth Committee PTAA, by the Meath Diocesan Pioneer Council in accordance with the PTAA Child Protection Policy. Full Parental Consent is required for all participants under 18yrs.

Applications to be made on the official application form only. Deposits are nonrefundable but are transferable. Contact organisers with any queries.


Dermot Fagan
Phone: 085 – 7201646
Email: [email protected]

Maria Timmins
Phone: 087 – 1345707
Email: [email protected]

Mission and Vision of Pioneer Association

Our mission is to address the problems in society caused by excess alcohol consumption and drug usage.

We do this through:

  • Faith and prayer
  • Self denial
  • Example
  • ctivities based on presenting alternatives to individuals, particularly the young
  • Advocacy

Our vision – based on the love in the Heart of Christ, as expressed in The Gospels – is to help to build a society where people live to their full potential and alcohol can be enjoyed in moderation avoiding the ills that arise in society from excess in its use.