In this video Adrian talks about his experiences as a house husband (filmed when he took part in RTE show called Battle of the Sexes).


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About Adrian Millar

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I am a stay-at-home father with two PhDs who gave up his full-time, permanent and pensionable job as a college lecturer the second his wife got pregnant with their first child, because in my gut I knew that some things were more important than money and status.

It is this type of love that I write about in my blog perSONal and in my novels – the love that fills up our every day but which we often undervalue and rarely even acknowledge. Of course, it is a totally ‘uncool’ subject to write about, particularly if you are a man, and particularly if you bring a Christian dimension to it, but I am going to stop apologising for it and just get on with it.

As Patricia Scanlan, the writer, once said to me in an email, it’s a case of heart up, chest out, deep breaths. So, as you dip into my writing I hope you will come to see the depth of the extraordinary love that drives your own life.

And if you are wondering why the title perSONal, well, it’s because I believe that the personal is captured within Jesus, the Son of God, and Jesus is infused with our personal, and the more I have grown in this conviction, the happier I have become, and I want to share this conviction with others.

No better place to sense God’s love than in your everyday existence when you are making a cup of tea, changing a dirty nappy or sitting at your PC.

To put it another way,

‘Christ plays in ten thousand places, Lovely in limbs, And lovely in eyes not his’.

I wish I could say those words were my own. Gerard Manley Hopkins.