In this podcast we hear about the Church’s growing interest, lead by the Franciscans, in linking the issue of peace with care for God’s creation.


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As the Vatican reveals that an environmental theme will be at the heart of the Pope’s 2010 World Peace Day message, we find out about the Franciscan focus on the integrity of creation. This podcast includes an interview with Gearid Conaire OFM, JPIC Commission,USG/UISG, Rome

Bolton Morris was a remarkable Catholic artist who lived most of his life working in the Philadelphia area. This is one of a series of 20 or so painted panels, the above showing St Francis preaching to the birds, the series devoted to the lives of St Francis and St Clare. These were executed in acrylic paint on plywood panels for the refectory of the Monastery of St Clare in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. (

The Earth Community

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The Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Commission of USG/UISG in Rome have produced a publication to help people reflect on the Integrity of Creation.

The booklet entitled The Earth Community: In Christ – through the Integrity of Creation – Towards Justice and Peace for All uses a See Judge Act methodology to help readers come to grips with many of the issues that challenge the future of the planet at this time.

The first part (See Section) gives an overview of the state of the planet, focusing on five issues; the second (Judge Section) presents theological, scriptural and ethical reflections; the final part (Act Section) offers a series of practical suggestions for changing personal and community behaviour and working for appropriate national and international legal frameworks that ensure a sustainable future for the Earth Community.

It offers resources, accounts of experiences, a prayer service and some questions for people, individually or in groups, to evaluate progress.