Download an adaptation of the Gospel reading for Palm Sunday suitable for use with children – which may be useful for Masses this weekend involving the Do This in Memory programme.

Click on link to download PDF – Gospel for Palm Sunday

(Reading with Three Voices with children participation Narrator, Jesus, Pilate/Others & Children)

Thanks to Two-Mile-House Parish.

Do This in Memory series

Do This in Memory

‘Do This in Memory is a parish-based sacramental preparation program for First Eucharist. It is based on a three-year cycle. This year parishes are using ‘Do This in Memory 2’. See below the datesfor the programmein this year.

Dates for 2008/09

Here are the dates for Do This in Memory 2, Liturgical Year A/B, 2008/2009.

Sunday September 28 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time (suggested)

Sunday October 19 Mission Sunday

Sunday November 23 Feast of Christ the King

Sunday December 21 4th Sunday of Advent

Sunday January 18 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday February 15 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday March 1 1st Sunday in Lent

Sunday April 5 Palm Sunday

Sunday April 26 3rd Sunday of Easter

Sunday June 14 Feast of Corpus Christi

More information

Click on link for more oinformation on ‘Do This in Memory’