A reproduction of the Miraculous Image of Our Lady from Czestochowa was placed in Newbridge Parish Church on Sunday 26th April 2009.

On Sunday the 26th of April at 2pm in St. Conleth’s church in Newbridge the reproduction of the Miraculous Image of Our Lady from Czestochowa was placed in a small chapel at the back of the parish church.

Thanks to this, many Polish people will feel even more at home now, having the Image of Black Madonna close to them, which is so strongly connected with their country, both in a religious and historical sense.

Our Polish chaplain Fr Tadeusz Durajczyk commented-

Many people had been trying earlier to have the reproduction of Our Lady from Czestochowa, The Queen of Poland, in parish church in Newbridge. However, there was always something on the way to make it happen

This time we could eventually make it happen, thanks to father Joe McDermott and his great support, some families and people who attend the mass. The Image of Our Lady from Czestochowa is our spiritual symbol. It has always united and is still uniting Polish people all over the world, even those non-believers. I am sure that the presence of Black Madonna here in Ireland – in the country, where we live and which we owe so much, will increase in our hearts the willingness to entrust the Lord all our needs, as well as the needs of this country where we live now, through Our Lady, which is present in this Miraculous Image

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The Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Częstochowa

source – www.jasnagora.pl

The Jasna Gra Monastery (English: Bright Mount) in Częstochowa, Poland is the most famous shrine to the Virgin Mary in Poland and the country’s greatest place of pilgrimage – for many its spiritual capital.

Jasna Gra’s most valuable treasure is the miraculous painting of Our Lady. Because of this painting, Jasna Gra became Poland’s most famous sanctuary among the numerous sites to Marian devotion throughout the country. But it is not just the tradition, which considers Luke the Apostle as the artist, or the influence of monarchs to whom Jasna Gra has always been dear that made this place famous above all others. It is the Miraculous presence of the image which has always attracted pilgrims not only from all over Poland but from all over the world, as the numerous votive offerings show.

The painting of Our Lady is the very core of Jasna Gra drawing crowds of pilgrims to it. This sanctuary was not built after a Marian apparition as is usually the case for major holy sites. Without the painting, Jasna Gra would be nothing but a building complex, a museum of artworks which are undoubtedly precious and beautiful but devoid of any vitality. The painting is the mystery, the fulcrum, the atmosphere of the Jasna Gra sanctuary.

It was painted on a wood panel measuring 122.2 x 82.2 x 3.5 cms. and features a bust of the Virgin with Jesus in her arms. Mary’s face dominates the painting and observers find themselves immersed in her eyes. They look at Mary, who looks back at them.

The face of the Child is also turned towards the pilgrim but his eyes are looking elsewhere. The two faces have a serious and thoughtful expression adding to the emotional tone of the painting. Our Lady’s right cheek is marked by two parallel slashes and a third horizontal cut. The neck of the image is marred with six scratches, two more visible than others. Jesus, dressed in a scarlet tunic is supported by His Mother’s left hand, his right hand is raised in a magisterial gesture, of sovereignty and benediction. The hand of the Virgin rests on Her breast, as if she were indicating the Child. The Virgin’s robe and mantle are decorated with lilies, the symbol of the Hungarian royal family. A six-pointed star is featured on Mary’s brow. An important element are the auras around the Virgin and Child since their luminous quality contrasts with the dark facial tones.

The painting of the Virgin belongs to the group of Hodigitria icons “she who indicates and guides along the road”.

The Jasna Gra icon represents the Biblical message and invites prayer and reflection.