The founder of the Romero Trust talks about the Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero as the world marks the 31st anniversary of the assassination.



In this Vatican Radio interview, the former director of the English Catholic aid agency CAFOD, Julian Filochowsky, who is also the founder of the Romero Trust speaks about the life and legacy of the Archbishop Romero

Archbishop Oscar Romero

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Known by people in El Salvador simply as ‘Monsegnor’, Archbishop Romero was shot dead on March 24th 1980, while saying Mass in the small chapel of a hospital where he lived in the capital San Salvador. In just three years after being appointed to the archdiocese, Romero became an increasingly outspoken opponent of the government and military leadership, making public each week a list of the victims of violence and repression.

The day before his assassination, he openly challenged the military leadership in a homily broadcast across the country, urging soldiers not to follow orders and kill or oppress their fellow citizens.

Over three decades on from his death, Romero is revered by many as ‘the voice of voiceless’, an inspirational figure for all who struggle to uphold the gospel values of human dignity, justice and peace.