In pursuit of that voice…

source – was founded on December 31st, 2009, as a direct response to Pope Benedict XVI’s call for

‘all Catholics, especially the young, to take their faith to the newly emerging digital continent, the internet.’

In order to answer the call, was launched in order to capture on film, the ‘one billion catholic stories’ in the world. To get the stories rolling, Seth DeMoor biked across the United States gathering stories with his video camera and laptop last winter. During the pilgrimage, over 200 stories were gathered from the ‘one billion catholic stories.’

In addition to Pope Benedict XVI’s call, was also inspired by one story in particular back in the United States during Seth’s college years. During his time at the University Colorado, Seth heard a story of how a man went from a punk rocker, drug addict, to Catholic priest! After graduating from college, Seth told himself,

“this story about the punk rocker turned Catholic priest is too good for just me to hear. Somehow it needs to be captured, and placed somewhere for others to listen.”

One month later, was launched to gather similar stories of inspiration, motivation, or simply common stories of how God is working in the world through the Catholic Church.

Since ending the bike ride in Colorado last April, 2010, continues to make waves in the Catholic online world. Soon, Seth DeMoor will set to the road again to Minnesota and Wisconsin, gathering more stories for the website this October, so stay tuned! Feel free to contact Seth at his email address ( if you have ideas for stories or how can be taken to the next level.

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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to faithfully listen for God’s voice in the world, and then employ fortitude to go on pilgrimage in pursuit of that voice through the world’s one billion Catholic stories, in order to communicate God’s hope and plan to all people through His One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.