View pictures of the official opening of Camdamstown Hall and field day in Balyna Parish which took place in October.


History was in the making for the people of Balyna Parish, when, on Sunday, October 2nd, 2011, the new hall in Cadamstown was officially opened by Kildare Person of the Year, Bernie Flanagan, and blessed by Rev Fr Breen, Parish Priest of Balyna parish.

Providing a much needed amenity for the surrounding area, the new hall was the brainchild of the B.A.S.L.A. group which formed approximately 17 years ago. With this project in view, the members worked tirelessly to raise funds for the Cadamstown Hall renovation project. Their regular weekly Lotto Draw proved to be very popular and successful. Among the highlights of their activities was the most enjoyable “Summer Festival” week-end. Many recollections are still around of rocking and rolling to the group “Bog the Donkey” in the festival marquee. The “Lord Mayor Campaign” attracted much attention in the area and was further instrumental, in furthering the fund-raising of the Balyna Area Sport and Leisure Association. In appreciation of the work carried out by this committee, a Red Oak Tree was planted by B.A.S.L.A. Representatives on the grounds of Cadamstown Field , at opening day.

Many happy and fun-filled memories of the old Cadamstown Hall, will be forever etched in peoples minds. Often referred to as “The Ballroom of Romance” , it was here that many a relationship had begun and developed. Still many a fond memory around, of the Sunday night outing to the “hop”, and the cavalcade of bicycles and the pooling of the occasional car to take us there. All areas of the Parish were represented at, and presented the annual “Tops of the Parish” , which saw many a packed night in the old Cadamstown Hall . Fun and frolics were the order of the day, and the Talent Shows provided a stage for the wealth of musical and acting abilities in the Parish.

It was with this backdrop in place, and with the combination of funds raised by B.A.S.L.A. and a contribution from parish funds, that the restoration of Cadamstown Hall became a reality. With a view to providing an opportunity for parishioners to view the Hall, an official Opening and Field Day was organised for October 2nd, which was to prove thoroughly enjoyable and sociable for all who attended. The “cup of tea” in the hall went down a treat as did the display of local Crafts and Produce. With many “hands on deck” in the hall, the atmosphere was light-hearted and friendly and people also availed of the opportunity to chat and reminisce. Outside on the field, numerous events and side shows were organised . Toes tapped to the live music on stage, children enjoyed their football and athletic involvements and there was a great interest in the revival of the side shows. There were many novelty items in place also thus ensuring that there “was something for everyone”. The aroma and taste of the Barbequed food was a welcome addition on the field and was highly acclaimed by all. Great interest was expressed by many in the “revival” of the Cadamstown Sports and Field Day and it is hoped to continue it as an annual event. Much gratitude is due to all who helped in any way to organise and support the opening of the Hall and Field Day.

A Cadamstown Hall Committee has now been formed . The Committee will oversee Bookings for the hall, and will engage in organising activities and fund-raising for the hall. We consider ourselves very fortunate in Balyna Parish , to have this amenity at our doorstep. We encourage people/clubs to book it and we request that it be supported as much as possible. The building consists of a hall, dressing rooms, toilets, kitchen and the use of heating. Any bookings can be made by contacting the Parish Office on 046-9551203.

“Tré Neart le Chéile”

Kathleen lynch.