Novena of Grace

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The times for the Gardiner Street Novena of Grace are 11am, 5:30pm and 7.30pm and on Sunday 11am, 3.30pm and 5.30pm starting on March 4th until March 12th

The preacher will be Fr. Joe Keaney SJ, St.Ignatius� Parish, Lusaka, Zambia.

300 year history in Dublin

This novena originated in Naples, Italy in 1643, when a Jesuit, Matteo Mastrilli, was cured through the intercession of St Francis Xavier, who promised that those who made the nine days of prayer in preparation for the anniversary of his canonisation would receive many graces and favours. Thus the name, Novena of Grace. It was first held in Dublin in 1712, in the church at Mary�s Lane, now in Halston St parish, and began in Gardiner St church in 1832, the year the church was built.

Nine Days

It is simply nine days of prayer, bringing intentions to the Lord and opening ourselves to his grace. Its special focus is on the following of Jesus in the life of St Francis Xavier, listening to the word of God in the Eucharist and following responses to it in the homily.

In Gardiner St there are three sessions each day. It is a quiet, devotional novena. It is not a parish mission, and its essentials are to come to Mass and pray the novena prayer. Basic themes of the christian life are the subject of the homily each night, with reference to the life of St Francis Xavier. At each session there is the novena prayer, where we bring our intention for the novena to God.