St Conleths Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) has just completed another successful year. The Pastoral Council in its present form has been in existence since 2002. It is the leadership group of our parish and operates on a See, Discern, Act model. The Parish Pastoral Council reflects,evaluates and initiates responses to needs and concerns of the parish.

Funeral Ministry and Bethany Bereavement Group

For example,information on a concern might be sought and reflected on, which then leads to a response if possible. As a result of this process, initiatives have been taken which have led to the establishment of the Funeral Ministry and the Bethany Bereavement Group.

During the year from September 2006 to June 2007, the PPC looked at many areas of parish life. The local Access group was invited to speak to the Pastoral Council on the topic of access which resulted in the following actions being taken:

  1. Kerbs at the Parish Church have beenmarked for the visually impaired
  2. A seated confessional has been designated
  3. A specific area has been set aside for wheelchair users
  4. The loop system for hearingimpaired is being investigated. Similar changes will be made to Cill Mhuire Church.

This is but one area that the PPC havebeeninstrumental in affecting a real, necessary change. Also during the year a child protection policy has been established; the Parish Website was revamped and is now up and running; there was an information evening in the Parish Centre for new members; the parish pilgrimage in honour of St Conleths feast day was arranged; one member with responsibility for youth is looking at the possibility of setting up Young Christian Workers (YCW) group and communication in general is being looked at.

New ministers of the Eucharist and Readers were recruited during the year and the ministry weekend was also organised. This isalong with collaborating with the ParishTeam on sacramental preparation and issues relating to faith in the parish. There is a welcome group within the parish who regularly report back, and the PPC is constantly looking at ways to make all of our parishioners welcome.The Pastoral Council also welcomed the initiative of the Inter-church Committee in seeking to improve the quality of life of the residents of Eyre Powell.


Formation of the Parish Pastoral Council members also took place during the year this is regarded by Fr McDermott PP as being of crucial importance for the growth of members. Prayer is also an important component of the meetings. As is apparent from the above report the work of the Parish Pastoral Council is very varied. Along with working for the parish, members are given an opportunity to be a part of a leadership group and to grow in faith and confidence.

In September every year, many people look to join courses, many with a view to self improvement. One opportunity also available is to consider joining the Parish Pastoral council, information for which will be published in early September.
Everyone is welcome and it is a wonderful opportunity for newcomers to the parish to be a part of the community.

Newbridge parish needs more lay involvement in all sorts of different ways: music, choirs, liturgy groups, communications and many more. Information on any aspect of The Parish Pastoral Council can be had from any member of the Parish Team or from members of the PPC. Newbridge parish is not just any community it is regarded as being one of the most forward looking parishes in the diocese and probably in Ireland.

Sadie Barlow