In this podcast we hear from Philip Carty who left a glitzy Hollywood music career to focus on spiritual music. The world premiere of his latest work “The Rosary” takes place in NCH on 10th August

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Miriam Gormally begins by asking Philip if it was always his intention to dedicate himself to sacred music.



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After graduating in music and theology, Philip read for two Masters degrees at the University of Limerick and National University of Ireland Maynooth.

All the while Philip was practicing and was winning numerous awards and prizes for classical piano. He was offered a teaching post at the prestigious Conservatory of Music in Dublin and taught there until 2005.

Philip was drawn to music composition and decided to work towards that goal. After setting up his own recording studio, Philip was writing music for concerts, commercials, TV and film scoring. Here Philip enjoyed major commercial success.

He was asked by the Irish Prime Minister to write music to celebrate the hopes and success of the Irish Peace Process. This same process is now supporting conflict resolution around the world by people Philip met in his research for this music. That CD was sent to every school in the nation.

In 2005 Philip decided that he wanted to write music that could reach out to people in a more meaningful and deeper way. He wanted to use his expertise in writing film music to writing piano music that allowed ordinary people visualize images of God and contemplate life in a prayerful and musical way.

“The Rosary”

Philip performs his new work, The Rosary for solo piano in the National Concert Hall on Monday August 10 at 8pm.

This musical world premiere contemplates the 20 mysteries of the Rosary devotion prayer.

Tickets available from the box office and online at