Tony and Barabra Hanway, who assist with the music ministry in Clane Parish, have produced two collections of some of our most loved hymns. You can listen to a sample track here.

[display_podcast]Hail Queen of Heaven

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There is a treasure of beautiful hymns both old and new going back many centuries that reflect the sacredness, holiness, beauty and reverence of the Mass.

Music plays a special part in prayer, praise and the worship of God. This is reflected throughout the Psalter and the Bible.

The Hymns on “I Sing for Joy in the Shadow of Your Wings” and “Let all Creation Sing” are hymns that we were all taught as children and now we can pass these wonderful old melodies on to our children and grandchildren.

Our instrumental CDs are arranged in such a way as to draw the listener into the deeper mystery of Christ through music, the tempo gently soothes and calms the spirit. There are no vocals because it allows each individual to personally sing their praises to God.

Another example of the thinking behind the arrangements is the “Hail Queen of Heaven ” introduction, we tried to reflect the queen-ship, gentleness, holiness and heavenly beauty of our Lady by the instruments used, and the way the music was arranged.

The CDs are suitable for playing at Holy Mass or simply played gently in the background of a church or any prayerful setting ie. Adoration, Sacrament of Penance, Healing Mass, anointing of the sick, prayer meeting etc. The CDs can also be used to sing-a-long to, as an aid in prayer, meditation, can help to de-stress, relax, has calming/healing effect particularly on the sick or distressed.

The low string basses create depth to the music, with the flutes and oboes carrying the melodies. I have also used piano, mid and high strings, classical guitar and organ both in melody and accompaniment.

My wife and I have enjoyed choosing and recording these hymns and we hope that they will help you sing your own praises to God.

Tony Hanway

Track Listing

Let all creation sing

1 Sweet Heart of Jesus 2:25
2 The Lord’s my Shepherd 4:00
3 Soul of my Saviour 3:38
4 Bi Iosa im Chroise 2:14
5 O Sacrament most Holy 1:45
6 God of Mercy and Compassion 2:50
7 Holy God we Praise thy Name 3:29
8 Bring Flowers to the Rarest 4:28
9 Immaculate Mary 1:49
10 Abide with Me 3:54
11 Ode to Joy 2:42
12 Meditation (by Tony Hanway) 2:56

I Sing for Joy in the Shadow of your Wings

1 Hail Queen of Heaven 5:19
2 Christ be beside me 3:16
3 Amazing Grace 1:59
4 Ave Maria (Bach / Gounod) 2:48
5 Be thou my vision 2:49
6 Panis Angelicus 3:08
7 Praise My Soul 1:43
8 Ave Verum (Mozart) 2:19
9 Hail Redeemer 1:37
10 How great thou art 1:53
11 Nearer my God to thee 3:19
12 Thine be the Glory 2:47