Wednesday to Friday  8th, 9th & 10th July, 2015.


Come as you are, friend or stranger, young or old, searching or at peace, in joy or in sadness; come to the sanctuary of St Patrick, a shrine of prayer and deep awakening to the presence of God.

Bishop Denis Nulty will accompany the Pilgrimage  to Lough Derg for the 3 days .

For over a thousand years pilgrims have been going to Lough Derg, it is a shrine dedicate to St. Patrick.

Lough Derg is a place of welcome where no one is judged and everyone is equal. It is a holy place of deep pastoral care for all those who make the journey- just as you are.

Walk on hallowed ground, breath in the atmosphere and feel the energy of centuries of prayer.

Taking time away from the daily routine, allows for time to be by yourself, to listen with your eyes as well as ears, to be strengthened, revitalised, to accept oneself and to be accepted as pilgrim Patrick was.

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