As part of this year’s diocesan Christmas REACH OUT campaign a ‘Liturgy of Hope’ will be celebrated in every church across the diocese on 3rd December at 8pm.

Liturgy of Hope

As part of this year’s diocesan Christmas REACH OUT campaign a ‘Liturgy of Hope’ will be celebrated in every church across the diocese at 8pm on Thursday 3rd December 2009.


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Having listened to the feedback in response to the experience of praying this liturgy at our recent workshop, we are offering these suggestions alongside those found in the resource pack.

“Together we can share the Light”

In this time of economic hardship and uncertainty this prayer service will offer communities an opportunity to come together in a spirit of hope. In solidarity with one another, the message of hope that is at the centre of our faith can raise our spirits and our hearts up from the worry of these days. This hope reminds us that the light of Christ reaches even to the darkest corners of our lives.

We believe that our shared prayer on December 3rd can remind us that together we are stronger, that there is a future for each and every one of us and that in days to come all will be well.

To help parishes prepare for this prayer service the diocese has prepared a resource pack that contains a full text of a model �Liturgy of Hope�. Each parish is welcome to adapt this liturgy locally. The pack also contains preparation notes. A sample prayer leaflet for participants is also included here for download together with an advertising poster for parishes.

What is this Liturgy?

This liturgy is a prayer service which will include readings, reflections, prayers and song. It is expected that the liturgy will take approximately 45 minutes. The prayer has been prepared by a diocesan appointed group, with the understanding that any necessary adaptations to the prayer can be made by a locally appointed preparation group in each parish.

What is its connection to this year’s Christmas Gift?

In recent years the parishes of the diocese have distributed a Christmas gift. The gift this year is a fridge magnet, upon which is printed an excerpt from a letter of St. Paul. This text stands at the heart of our Liturgy of Hope and will be proclaimed during the liturgy.

At the end of the Liturgy of Hope people will be invited to take a Christmas gift envelope. This will be the first occasion at which the gift will be distributed. Parishes will continue to distribute the remaining envelopes at the following weekend Masses.

This year�s envelope contains the magnet as well as a Christmas card. The card contains a message from the bishop and a prayer for families to pray together before their Christmas meal. All the content of this year�s Christmas gift has been sourced within the diocese, supporting the local economy in difficult times.