In this podcast listen to a RNN interview with Liam Lawton in which he discusses his new CD – Healing Song – and the themes of healing and hope in these times.


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Healing Song is the title of Liam Lawton’s new CD. It’s a CD to bring Healing and Hope – and though it has been in preparation for many years, its release could not be more timely, as Liam told Eileen Good.


Healing Song

Liturgical and Sacred Music Composer Fr. Liam Lawton is launching a new collection of music called Healing Song.

This is a collection of liturgical songs based on the theme of Healing. It includes music for Sunday Liturgy, music for Healing of the Sick, music for Funerals and Weddings and music of Praise and Thanksgiving to God.

Gallery of Liam Lawtons Albums

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Liam Lawton – biography

Fr. Liam Lawton was given the opportunity by the late Bishop Ryan to pursue his music ministry full-time; a ministry that Bishop Moriarty has continued to endorse and support.

Click on the following link to read about his path to becoming an internationally acclaimed composer and performer.

Liam Lawton – Biography