Once more we are preparing to welcome back the season of Lent into the life of our parishes. In this Year of Faith we remember that every Lent offers us a precious opportunity to deepen and increase our faith.

Lent is our annual retreat when we are each called to prayer, fasting and almsgiving. In Lent we have a ready-made programme of renewal – if we just pay attention to its many invitations to us.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 13. Holy Thursday is March 28 and Easter Sunday is March 31.

The following resources may be helpful as your parish Lenten journey and are available for download here:

  •  Ash Wednesday – Service of Ashes in the Parish & Reaching out from the Ash Wednesday parish liturgy
  •  Grace cube – a template of a cube that can be made by the family and used for meal prayers during Lent (from www.childrensministry.org)

“Through fasting and praying, we allow Him to come and satisfy the deepest hunger that we experience in the depths of our being: the hunger and thirst for God.” Pope Benedict, Lenten message, 2009