Download our financial statement for 2010 and see totals for 2010 collections – including nearly €1 million for Trocaire.

 2010 Diocesan Financial Statement

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2010 Kildare & Leighlin Diocesan Financial Statement

This statement is circulated to all parishes and displayed in all our churches.

Commentary on Diocesan Financial Statement

  • The ordinary income for the Diocese comes from the levy which all our 56 parishes pay annually in proportion to their size and income.
  •  Like 2009, ordinary Diocesan spending was reduced in 2010. Total spending for 2010 was €848,045, which closely matched our levy income plus our income from the Diocesan lotto.
  •  In 2010, in addition to the above, €14,132 was spent on child protection services and structures.
  •  In 2010, our diocesan investments increased in value by €178,883. This welcome increase needs to be set against the greater falls in value in recent years. Overall our investments are still down from past peak valuations.
  •  The diocesan levy for 2011 is unchanged at €825,700.
  • The Diocesan Accounts are prepared and audited by a firm of Chartered Accountants – Harney Nolan, Equity House, Dublin Road, Carlow – and presented to the Diocesan Financial Committee.

Diocesan Collections 2010

The following are the diocesan totals for 2010

Peter’s Pence  – €43,827.52

‘Missions’ – €71,897.00

Carlow College –  €36,514.00

Eucharistic Congress – €23,762.50

Trócaire 2010

Lenten campaign – €368,694.31

Haiti appeal – €341,432.77

Pakistan appeal – €228,782.63