In this Vatican Radio interview, we hear from Lee Siggs, the editor of the bi-monthly Justice magazine who is also the editor the Universe Catholic weekly newspaper.


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As well discussing the aims of Justice magazine, Lee Siggs discusses the challenge of getting positive messages about the Catholic Church into mainstream media, e.g. the upcoming Papal visit to the UK.

Justice Magazine

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Justice magazine includes articles from a wide range of contributors, reflecting all aspects of the Church’s rich history of social teaching- covering issues such as the environment, migration, the world of work, the economy, poverty and conflict.

May / June 2010 issue – contents

Bernd Nilles of CIDSE on the problems affecting the distribution of aid

Ellen Teague on the World Cup in South Africa

Justice editor Lee Siggs on the work of a Catholic journalist

Homes on the agenda: Alison Gelder’s hopes for the new Government

The man who stood up to the Nazis: Bruce Kent looks back at the life of Franz Jagerstatter

Bryan Maguire – A member of Voice of the Faithful in Ireland speaks to Lee Siggs

Diana Mills on the jailed Yukpa leader Sabino Romeo

Paul Donovan meets Sr Lynda Dearlove of the Women@theWell project in London

How a Catholic school is helping to regenerate a deprived area of Manchester, by Tara Holmes

Groups opposed to climate change science pose a real threat, argues Ellen Teague


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