A new book claims that while the seeds of a theology of communications have always existed throughout Church history, its development only began to bear fruit during Pope John Paul II’s pontificate.

A retired theologian of the Pontifical Household says Pope John Paul II can be credited with innovating yet another type of theology: a theology of communication.

Cardinal Georges Cottier spoke Wednesday on this topic at the launch of the book, “John Paul II: Development of a Theology of Communications,” published by the Vatican publishing house.

The text gives a concise framework for understanding the principles, method and theory behind the theological insights and witness of John Paul II in the area of social communications. It examines John Paul II’s encyclicals, letters and especially his messages for World Communications Day.

This text is designed for use at university level as well as by Directors of Communications for Diocesan Offices, Religious Institutions and Media Corporations.

The book is the fruit of the efforts of the research team of Dr. Christine A. Mugridge, SOLT and Sr. Marie Gannon, FMA. Dr. Mugridge received her doctoral degree from the Pontifical Salesian University in Rome. Her doctoral research, based on the study of the development of a theology of communication was awarded the University Medal of Honor.

Author of two other books, Christine is also the Founder of the non profit organization, Sacred Arts Communications, a lay Apostolate which seeks to educate the public on Catholic teaching and culture using all forms of social communications media. Sr. Gannon holds a PhD in Educational Sciences, specialization in Sociology of Education, from the Pontifical Faculty of Educational Sciences Auxilium in Rome, 1993 and 1995

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