Jesuit communities around the world are remembering the six Jesuit priests who were assassinated in El Salvador on Nov 16 1989.

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In this podcast we hear about their legacy from Jesuit Priest, Fr Dean Brackley SJ chose to go to El Salvador just a few days after their murders to continue their work.

Artwork at the University of Central America in San Salvador depicts martyred Jesuit priests and other victims and the complicity of the nation’s business and political leadership with those murders.

20th Anniversary

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The prominent Jesuit priests, including the rector and vice rector of El Salvador’s most prestigious university, were killed along with their cook and her daughter at the house as they slept.

The Jesuits had been labeled subversives by the Salvadoran government for speaking out against its oppressive socioeconomic structure, and their assassinations were ordered because of their unwavering defense of the poor.

Those killed in the attack were:

  • Ignacio Ellacuria, 59, rector of the University of Central America and a leftist intellectual.
  • The university’s vice rector, Ignacio Martin-Baro, 50, founder and director of the Public Opinion Institute.
  • Segundo Montes, 56, a sociology professor and Jesuit priest who did work on Salvadoran refugees in the U.S.
  • Arnando Lopez, 53, a philosophy professor and Jesuit priest.
  • Joaquin Lopez y Lopez, 71, a Jesuit priest and director of a university-affiliated center for humanitarian assistance.
  • Juan Ramon Moreno, 56, a Spanish-born Jesuit priest and director of two university-related programs.
  • Julia Elba Ramos, 42, a cook, and Cecilia Ramos, her daughter, 15.