In September, a group of 65 Italian Parlimentarians along with their families went on a week long pilgrimage to the Holy Land.


The most and least known personalities in the Italian political sphere were as simple have traced the footsteps of Christ in the Holy Land, as simple pilgrims, rediscovering their faith

Both famous and little known personalities of the Italian political sphere came together as simple pilgrims to trace the footsteps of Christ in the Holy Land, rediscovering their faith.

In this spirit 65 members of the parliament, from both the majority and the opposition, together with their families, went on a week-long pilgrimage in early September that took them from Sinai to the Galilee, from Bethlehem to Jerusalem.

The “meditative journey”, organized by Monsignor Rino Fisichella, President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, has become a significant event for a number of years, since the first pilgrimage to the Holy Land for Italian parliamentarians was organized in 2004.

Angelino Alfano: “Those who believe know that everything comes from here. This act of uniting with those who for us represent the origin of everything, is the most exciting element you can experience when you become a pilgrim.”

Gianni Alemanno: “One has the feeling of really being at the center of the world and it is definitely a very intense moment that allows us both to go to the center of things and to find ourselves together as a community of believers, who are also people that are involved in politics.”

Livia Turco: “Here I have really rediscovered the sense of the Gospel.”

Maurizio Lupi: “To understand the sense of the common good, we must first be educated to understand what that common good is, and what the ideals, values and motives are for which a person can give himself to another. In Jerusalem, the Holy Land, or in our pilgrimages, as pilgrims we are asking to meet or discover the meaning and significance that we give to our life and to our work.”

Louisa Santolini: “Returning to Rome, I think that the thing that will hit me the most will be to read the Gospels in light of what I saw here, what I learned here and what I understood here.”