The Irish Missionary Union (IMU) are collecting signatures on-line for a letter to the Taoiseach appealing for no more cuts in the overseas aid budget.


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Open Letter

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Dear Taoiseach,

In 1847, midway through the Irish famine, a group of Choctaw Indians in the USA, collected $710 and sent it to help starving Irish men, women and children. In their poverty, the Choctaws reached out to an Irish nation in dire need. It is appropriate to recall such generosity, living in a globalised world where over 1 billion people or just under one sixth of worlds population do not have enough to eat. The Irish Government’s Hunger Task Force tells us that today in our world, 20,000 babies will die directly as a result of diseases related to a lack of good nutrition.

In these difficult times for our country, you and your Government have already decided that the Irish Aid budget would take the biggest cut of any government department (c. 25%) resulting in great suffering beyond our shores. We at the Irish Missionary Union in the name of all missionaries overseas, appeal to you:

  1. To refrain from any further cuts to the Irish Aid budget.
  2. To put in place a plan to ensure that Ireland gets back on track to meet its aid promise of 0.7% by 2012.

In your reflections and discussions as a Government on the cuts you have to make, we ask you to remember the action of the Choctaw Indians in our hour of great need as an Irish Nation.

Sincerely yours,

Fr. Eamon Aylward,

(IMU Executive Secretary)

Irish Missionary Union (IMU)

The IMU was founded in 1970, incorporating the members of the former Missionary Service Centre. The organisation was founded to promote cooperation between missionary, mission-sending and mission-aid organisations, thereby helping them to make better and most efficient use of their personnel and other resources. The IMU works in close collaboration with the Bishops in the task of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It acts as liaison between missionary bodies and national or international organisations involved in evangelisation and development.

For nearly 1,500 years Ireland has been sending Missionaries throughout the world to witness to the Gospel. The Irish Missionary Union continues that tradition and is currently engaged in 84 developing countries. According to the 2006 census there are 2,184 Irish Missionaries on Mission in other countries. The IMU is a collaborative network of c. 87 Mission sending Congregations and Societies comprised of Sisters, Priests, Brothers and Lay Organisations.