For 2008, our regular Christmas REACH OUT has a special link with the Holy Land.� we have sourced 45,000 gifts of� olive wood Christmas decorations from Bethlehem.

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Parish gift

For the past four years, our diocese has distributed more than 45,000 gifts during Advent from the churches in all 56 parishes.� Thanks to thousands of people undertaking to deliver one or two, these gifts have gone to homes all across the diocese and much further afield.� These gifts carry our Christmas greetings to the wider community and are accompanied by a message and prayers.

In 2008, we have sourced 45,000 gifts of some simple olive wood Christmas decorations from Bethlehem along with a Peace Lamp from Taybeh for all our churches. These gifts demonstrate our solidarity with Christians in the Holy Land. They also serve as a call to join in a prayer for peace in the Holy Land – which unites people of different faiths and nationalities.

The gift ‘pack’ for 2008 contains a set of olive wood Christmas decorations, a leaflet with messages from Bishop Moriarty and Patriarch Twal along with a prayer card.

‘Pray for peace of Jerusalem’ – Psalm 122

Our Holy Land project features a line from Psalm 122 – ‘Pray for the peace of Jerusalem’.� We are very grateful to our own Fr Liam Lawton for giving us full use of his splendid setting of Psalm 122.� We hope that choirs will sing it frequently during Advent and help us all to continue to pray for peace in the Holy Land.

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