So often we hear the name of Heaven been used. Perhaps we use it, without fully appreciating its wonderful significance in all our lives. For all of us at times we seem to be literally stuck. U2 entitled one of their recent hits, Stuck in the moment.

Life can be so busy, that we can easily be overwhelmed in the present, all of us, can forget, we belong to a much bigger context than the here and now. In fact life, that is the moment you read this article, is indeed a very precious moment, an invitation to begin again in a new and more fulfilling way.

St. Paul tells us all, Our true home is in heaven. Our lives have a purpose, a meaning, a destination, and this is to enjoy a place of total happiness and contentment. Often we dont recognize the importance of our faith story, until pain and suffering come to visit us. Without an awareness of heaven we can become blinded by fear, anxiety and apathy to the spirit that lives within us all.

Throughout the scriptures Jesus makes reference to the Kingdom of heaven. He does so as an opportunity to offer hope to a bruised and broken people. Those who are searching for a sense of meaning and purpose in life. The kingdom of love always has a sense of invitation and warmth. The Kingdom of God is indiscriminate to the judgments and prejudice that we have become accustomed in our culture. Gods Kingdom, in fact is a place that is most radical, a reign of compassion, generosity, healing and gentleness. A place where freedom is truly felt and lived with joy and inner peace; a place Im sure in the depth of our human heart we all long for. In the words of a troubled saint Augustine our hearts are restless till they rest in you o Lord.
We may long to believe because of bereavement, when someone we love dies. I was comforted and indeed my faith enriched recently because of this beautiful story. A lady had a massive burden of bereavement to carry. She had already lost her daughter and was now about to loose her son because of a serious genetic illness. She now was nursing her little boy as he was dying. In the middle of the night he awoke with a wonderful smile and began to speak. Mammy, he smiled, I am in heaven and am playing football {The young boy suffered a serious respiratory disorder}, he told his mother that his Sister who had also died, was holding his hand and that she would not let go; soon this boy became an angel of the Lord and entered into heaven. This is a very simple and yet profound testimony to the reality that is our true home.

So often we are preoccupied and indeed overburdened, God wants us to live in the knowledge and joy that we carry heaven in all our hearts. Heaven is not a place in the far away clouds; it lives in the here and now that is the Kingdom of God. I pray that as we walk our pathway through life, we may do so, with compassion and hope in all our lives.