In this podcast Fr. Jim O’Connell MHM talks about his new book of reflections entitled ‘Going the Heart’s Way’.

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Eileen Good met up with Fr. Jim and spoke about what prompted him to write the book.


Going the Heart’s Way

Silence, Space and Stillness in our Day

Going the Heart’s Way is a practical book of Reflections for personal prayer. The forty two Reflections begin with the author’s thoughts on the theme presented, followed by a Scripture passage, Psalm or Hymn. The focus is on a loving God with us at the heart of life, a loving God who comes to us and saves us in Christ our Saviour.

There are precious moments in life when we are deeply touched, and our hearts awaken to the mystery of God present in us and in our world. Close contact with nature can lead us into this experience, but so too can music, poetry, art, friendship and especially prayer. Any of these can touch our hearts and help us to engage with mystery. So many things in life can do this. Since ‘life is a tabernacle of the living God,’ we can get a glimpse of the mystery of God through the most ordinary experiences of life.

In Going the Heart’s Way, we are invited to open our hearts to the presence of God in the world of nature, in ordinary daily living, and in the depths of the human heart. Spending some quiet time in personal prayer helps us to do this. In the silence and stillness, the Spirit leads us to an experience of the loving God who is present in our hearts and lives. This is an experience that satisfies the deepest desire of the human heart.