An Ethos Statement is essential in helping to define the identity of the Catholic School. We hope that the following resource will be helpful to our schools whether they are drafting a new statement or revising their existing one.

Catholic schools seek to reflect a distinctive vision of life and a corresponding philosophy of education.
(Vision 08: A Vision for Catholic Education)

The Ethos Statement is a simple and clear statement that defines the characteristic spirit of the school as it is right here and now. It answers two simple questions;

  • what is a Catholic School?
  • who is it for?

The process of devising an Ethos Statement is a collaborative one, initiated by the Board of Management, and involving all members of the school community; staff, parents, students, trustees and the patron.


Click on link to download our diocesan Guidelines for School Ethos Statement

We hope that all schools in the diocese will find this resource useful as they write or revise their Ethos Statements this year.