Today is an important day for students and families across the diocese and the country, I wish you every blessing today and in the weeks and months ahead. I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you in the decisions you must make.

Remember that this is only one stage in the journey of your life and no matter what the results that  you receive today are there are lots of options to bring you to the next stage.

The following is a prayer that I say daily, a simple request for help from our Blessed Mother, maybe you could use it too:

Take my hand o Blessed Mother
Hold it gently lest I fall
I am nervous when I’m walking
So to thee I humbly call
Guide me over every crossing
Watch me while I’m on the stairs
Help me with my undertakings
Lessen many of my cares
Then when darkness falls around me
And I fear to be alone,
Take my hand o Blessed Mother
Once again and lead me home.

God bless you all, I will keep you in my prayers.

+ Denis Nulty