Trcaire, Amnesty and Christian Aid are organising a vigil for peace in Gaza on Friday 9th Jan at 6pm at St Stephen’s Green in Dublin.Palestinian relatives from the Deeb family mourn on January 7, 2009 during the funeral of 10 people from their family who were killed yesterday in an Israeli strike on a UN school in Gaza, in the Jabalia refugee camp, northern Gaza strip. Israeli forces blazed into towns across Gaza yesterday striking Hamas targets and also hitting three UN-run schools in attacks that killed at least 48 people and sparked urgent new ceasefire calls. Since Israel started it military offensive in Gaza 660 Palestinians have been killed, including about 200 children, with more than 2,950 wounded, Gaza medics say. AFP PHOTO/MHAMUD HAMS (Photo credit should read MAHMUD HAMS/AFP/Getty Images)

Everyone is welcome to attend. People will be invited to participate by lighting a candle for each person, Israeli or Palestinian, who has died in recent days.

When? Friday evening (9th Jan) at 6.00pm
Where? St. Stephen’s Green – front gates

For further information please contact

Ein Murray, in Trcaire.
ph 087-2694382


Trcaire continues to respond to the humanitarian crisis inside Gaza with an appeal which you or your family can contribute to you via

Our partners are working to bring badly needed medical supplies to overstretched hospitals and risking their lives in Gaza’s dangerous streets to monitor and record human rights violations.

Trcaire Director Justin Kilcullen stated recently

“In the last seven years 17 Israeli civilians have died in Israel from homemade rocket attacks by Palestinian militants. Israel’s response to this is massively disproportionate and a clear violation of international law.”

“All violence is abhorrent – whether by Israel or Hamas,” said Mr Killcullen, “all sides must ensure the protection of civilians. Trcaire partners are telling us horrific stories of men and women fleeing the rubble of their homes as their children lie dead within. Hospitals are turning away all but the most seriously injured, and are running out of basic medicines. Schools are being used as refugee camps to give shelter those whose homes have been destroyed.”

Mr Kilcullen continued, “Ultimately until Israel lifts the siege on the ordinary people of Gaza and respect their human rights – to life with dignity – then we will remain trapped in this cycle of violence. Hamas too must play their part by ceasing rocket fire.”

Trcaire’s has worked Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) since 2002 seeking a just and lasting peace and to eliminate the root causes of poverty.

Trcaire works with both Israelis and Palestinian organizations to fulfil its humanitarian mandate but has also developed a human rights programme which aims to strengthen adherence to international humanitarian law and human rights in OPT/Israel and to promote a non-violent approach to building a just and lasting peace in the region.

Trcaire is the official overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland. It was set up by the Irish Catholic Bishops in 1973 to express the concern of the Irish Church for the suffering of the world’s poorest and most oppressed people.