Today (Thursday) marks the Anniversary of the first of a series of apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to three children at Fatima, Portugal where the Blessed Mother identified herself to the children of the Lady of the Rosary.


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This week, Pope Benedict will be visiting Fatima, and there is much anticipation about his upcoming address to the crowd there.

Tom Mc Cormack is an Irish businessman who over the past decade has had a strong connection with Fatima. He first visited in 1999. Tom has since produced two award-winning feature documentary films, charting the Fatima story and it’s message.

Tom spoke about the importance of the Fatima story today. He believes that it is a story of hope and love of God for us all, but that humanity has spent the last century ignoring the warning signs that were offered by Sr. Lucia.

Liam began by asking Tom how a man who had never made a film before, was compelled to do so after his first visits to to the town of Fatima, in central Portugal.