Liturgical resources and suggestions are now available for the Feast of the Body and Blood of the Lord which is celebrated on Sunday 26th June 2011.


Resources and Suggestions

Opening Procession – use of Congress Hymn & Placing of Congress Candle

  • See (email) attachment for music sheet with words and accompaniment
  • Before Mass begins a member of the congregation might introduce the liturgy as follows:

“Good morning (evening) and welcome to our celebration of the Mass. On this Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ we give thanks for the gift of Eucharist in our lives – a gift that makes us one body in Christ.

Our opening hymn today (this evening) is the official hymn of the International Eucharistic Congress that will take place in Dublin next June. This weekend parishes across the whole country are singing this hymn, as are thousands of pilgrims who have gathered in Knock to take part in a national congress to prepare for next year.

(if not using a candle…)The theme of next year’s congress is “Communion with Christ and with One Another”.  As we look ahead to the Congress we hope that our preparations will help us as a local community to come to a deeper understanding of our communion with Christ and with one another.

(if using candle…)As we begin our Mass today (tonight) we will place a Congress candle into our prayer space. In the year ahead may it serve as a reminder to us of the congress theme and call “Communion with Christ and with One Another”.  May our preparations  for the congress help us as a local community to come to a deeper understanding of our communion with Christ and with one another.

Please stand and join in singing together…”

  • A member of the community carries in the lit candle as part of the opening procession with presider, servers and reader. The candle is put in its place at the same time as the reader places the lectionary on the ambo.


Prayer of the Faithful –

  • See next page for a set of suggested prayers for the day

Communion Reflection – Congress Prayer

  • See next page for the text which can be included on the parish hymn sheet or other sheet or that can be prayed by a reader on behalf of the congregation

Notices – invitation to Cathedral liturgy/advertising of any local holy hour or time of reflection…

Pastoral Reflections and Prayers on the Eucharist – for use as part of holy hours, afternoons of reflection, bulletin inserts in the coming year…

  • The congress website has a series of Reflections on the Eucharist (33) and Prayers (19). To access this material go to the website, click on pastoral preparation, click on prayer, finally click on other prayer resources.

Prayer of the Faithful (adapted from the Congress website)

(Intro) Now that we have heard God’s Word and proclaimed our faith, we pray in communion with one another for what we need to live as God’s people

  1. For Pope Benedict, for our bishops and for the priests on whose ministry we depend for the Eucharist – that their faith may be strengthened and that they may be faithful witnesses to your living presence among us. Lord hear us.
  2. For all who are baptised – that, though we are many, we may become one body through our sharing in the Eucharist. Lord hear us
  3. For our journey towards the International Eucharistic Congress next year, that we may come to a greater awareness of the nourishment the Eucharist gives to our lives.
  4. For married people – that their faithful love for one another may be a visible sign of the love of God and an inspiration to their children and to their neighbours. Lord hear us
  5. For all who are sick – that the spirit of Jesus may come upon them with His healing and that they may always be at the heart of our communion and of our community.
  6. For all who have died – that, in communion with all the saints, they may take their places at the table in the kingdom of heaven.

(Conc) Father, hear the prayers which we make, inspired by your Holy Spirit, and grant what we need through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Congress Prayer

Lord Jesus,

You were sent by the Father

to gather together those who are scattered.

You came among us, doing good and

bringing healing,

announcing the Word of salvation

and giving the Bread which lasts forever.

Be our companion on life’s pilgrim way.


May your Holy Spirit inflame our hearts,

enliven our hope and open our minds,

so that together with our sisters and

brothers in faith

we may recognise you in the Scriptures

and in the breaking of bread.

May your Holy Spirit transform us into

one body

and lead us to walk humbly on the earth,

in justice and love,

as witnesses of your resurrection.


In communion with Mary,

whom you gave to us as our Mother

at the foot of the cross,

through you

may all praise, honour and blessing be to

the Father

in the Holy Spirit and in the Church,

Now and forever.      Amen.