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Rooted in Christ, Faith Development Services is a co-ordinated team directed by the Bishop of Kildare & Leighlin to encourage, resource, facilitate and support the people of the Dioceses to know, live and pray their faith.

Contact Details

Faith Development Services
Cathedral Parish Centre,
College Street, Carlow
Tel: 059-9164084
Fax: 059-9164020
Email fds@kandle.ie

FDS Office – Christine Oglesby


Located in the Cathedral Parish Centre, the Kildare & Leighlin Faith Development Services comprises of a team of people working together to deliver a range of services and supports across the areas of primary and post-primary religious education, youth ministry, liturgy, adult faith formation and ministry training.

Primary Advisor – Maeve Mahon


The work of the Diocesan Advisor for Religious Education in Primary Schools is to support, educate and resource parents/guardians, teachers and those involved in parish leadership in their mutual responsibility for the faith development of the child.

Post Primary Advisor – Hilda Campbell


The Post-Primary Diocesan Advisor provides pastoral support, information & resources to teachers of Religious Education & Chaplains, while also engaging with school management & the wider school community regarding the ongoing provision of faith formation & Religious Education in post-primary schools in the Diocese.

Pastoral Resource – Julie Kavanagh


This half time position was established to provide support and resources for parishes and deaneries in the areas of liturgy and ministry. Resources include seasonal liturgical suggestions, the on-going creation of guides for sacraments and ministry, training for liturgical ministers and Baptism Teams as well on-going formation opportunities.


Robert Norton


Cathriona Kelly


Robert Norton is the co-ordinator of the Meitheal programme.

Cathriona Kelly is the co-ordinator of the Pope John II Awards.