The father of a deacon – who is soon to be ordained a Father – has been ordained a deacon. Confused? Read on to hear about this great story from Florida.

Bishop John H. Ricard, SSJ ordains Michael Patrick Nixon, 56, a deacon, as his son, Deacon Michael John Nixon, 26, far right, watches.  Photo - PEGGY DEKEYSER | FC

Two deacons in one family

(extract by kind permission of Florida Catholic)

Michael Patrick Nixon, 56, the father, was ordained a permanent deacon June 20 at St. Paul Parish in Pensacola. Bishop John Ricard, SSJ, ordained 17 men, including Nixon, during a special Mass of ordination. They were all ordained as permanent deacons, meaning they will not go on to be ordained to the priesthood.

Michael John Nixon, 26, the son, was ordained April 25 by Auxiliary Bishop Felipe Estevez of the Archdiocese of Miami at St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary in Boynton Beach, along with two others. They were ordained as transitional deacons for their last year in seminary, meaning they will eventually be ordained as priests, in spring 2010.

Once I become a priest, Ill be Father Michael Nixon, so thatll cut down on the confusion

The father and son deacons said they inspired and supported each other from the time they decided to enter the diaconate and through their respective ordinations.

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